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OG9-3 Idle pulley photos

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Some may recall my issue with the water pump, short belt mod, idle pulley and air-con at Christmas.
I thought I'd post some photos of the destroyed idle pulley etc.
I was lucky to have a spare belt and pulley in the car, however, when the air-con pulley broke, I needed a short belt - which I didn't have at the time.

Below: Here are 2 idle pulleys side by side - the top one is a metal & hard plastic style 'assume proparts' version, and the bottom is a metal version - with its box and part number visible.
Grey Automotive tire Font Gas Rectangle

Below: this is the idle pulley.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Automotive wheel system Flash photography

Below: Idle pulley, and air-con clutch.
Tire Wheel Window Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Below: as per above.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Wood Gas

Detail from Air-Con Pulley.
Tire Automotive tire Window Tread Wheel
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