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OG PCV change to top only.

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I am going to change the dip stick moulding for one with a side outlet nipple and connect it with a "T" piece to the pipe returning from the oil trap and going eventually into the intake side of the turbo and wondered what you more knowledgeable folks thought since I'm leaving the oil trap as is. Please advise.
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I'm getting on and it's not so easy getting under these days.
With all due respect, you are totally overthinking this.

Sixty three thousand miles on your car is hardly broken in in Saab years, unless there were far less than the recommended oil changes per the manual (which we all know was flawed but not fatal for a sixty three thousand mile motor) then you are wise to drop the pan (it's not a terrible job), if you are "up there" in years pay a shop to do it for a hundred bucks, they are out there, it's a totally simple job on a hoist.

How far along is "getting on"? :giggle:
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