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SAAB 95 - 2004 Linear Ltd Wagon
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another vote here for replacing the whole PCV system with the v-6 version (eg the last PCV update kit for the 1999-2003 engine models)
the v-6 kit is cheap, has all hoses (with a new valve) , the new oil trap, and the oil filler replacement funnel with the breather nipple. it is also easy to fit (compared to the later 2004-2009 engines where the new oil trap has to be plugged into the back of the engine).

low mileage engines (1999-2003) are not immune to the sludge problems, it mainly depends on the driving style. low speed city traffic with lots of start stops, poor engine oil used, and problematic pcv design are the main culprits. so dont mess with taking your own hobbyist improvised modifications, use the saab engineers trained brainpower and problem solving design to implement your (overdue) PCV v6 update.
this (now web archived) webpage gives good information on the PCV system and the various modifications implemented

ps: while you wait for your new kit to arrive, do the PCV glove test to get a general idea if your current pcv system is correctly functioning with slight -ve pressure at idle, or has positive pressure (glove inflation). this will
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