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All, I have seen a bunch of threads regarding a code 22 on the OG 9-3 ACC diagnosis. I actually got the code myself - and read the threads about using 9-5 coding it means reflash the ACC - WRONG.

Based on my own diagnosis - I took my ACC with the 22 code out put it in my other 9-3 - and it showed no faults and worked perfectly. Took the ACC from the other 9-3, put it in the suspect car....and code 22. OK, so it is that car. I changed out the actual computer - no change. I DID notice that my SID had some problems with it (pixels and had stopped showing radio station) so I got one rebuilt by BBA - it came back, popped that one in, and the code went away. I put back in the un-perfect SID - and the code came back. I took my OTHER SID from the good car - put that in as well - no problem with the ACC - Therefore by power of deductive reasoning the code 22 is actually caused by a fault in the SID.

22 - Circuit Fault SID - SID has fault, ACC cannot test software properly - rebuild or replace SID

I would edit the original thread...but cannot seem to so just starting a new one here to help people find it. ;ol;
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