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As some of you will know, some time back I fitted an Odyssey PC-925 battery to my 81 turbo sedan by mounting it on it's side using the stock turbo c900 battery tray utilising a modified 8V engine power steering pump bracket to brace the battery off the engine bay wall and a home-made (previously in the 82 turbo sedan I stripped in late 2007) battery heatshield and bracket to secure the battery in place against the modified PS bracket, etc. as per this pic (I have changed the cabling and painted up all the rust since it was taken!):

CCSW page

Well this week I finally started installing another of those batteries into my 1989 900i however I have used a commercial bracket specially made for the PC-925 to secure it on it's side just like in the 1981 turbo car, and I carefully positioned it so that I have enough room to fit turbo engine parts at a later date as I still plan on converting the engine to a turbo config.

The pics showing what I've done (they're all going on Flickr as well BTW) are contained in an album here for your viewing pleasure! :cool:

At the moment I still need to obtain a longer replacement positive cable as the one I found was a bit too short but it does fit without being properly secured. The bracket itself needs painting (it's normal steel not stainless) and the other positive cable going from the battery to the distribution block near the cabin air intake is a little too short as well as I needed to cut some off to remove a decayed part next to the old battery terminal that itself had become quite badly corroded as well.

Also, the base of the new battery needs a protective heatshield which is not so much of a problem now but will be when the turbo parts are fitted since the exhaust elbow will be very close to the exposed bottom of the battery. I might use a piece of metal sheet fitted inside the bracket, or create a custom shield like the one in the 81 turbo car. Something to ponder on...

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