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Odometer repair notes

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I noticed someone posted a little tutorial on odometer repair. I just attempted this the past few days and wanted to add a few things.

You can get the fascia out without taking your steering wheel off. It's really not hard at all. Just flip the turn signal and wiper stalks down and it slides out. The post mentioned taking your speedometer needle off. I recommend you leave it on. I tried to take mine off, put a good bit of force on it and it didn't budge. Decided it wasn't worth breaking the thing. You can still get to the screws that hold the odometer/speedo unit in. Take a pair of needlenose vise grips and working under the speedo face to get the 3 screws out. In my case, the little white cog was right where it needed to be. Trouble was the wheel that engages the odometer numbers was slipping on the shaft. Put a few drops of super glue around it the best I could and it appears to be working. To verify its working, take a cordless drill and spin the speedo input counter-clockwise before you get everything back together. Putting the 3 screws back is a bit of a task, but with patience it can be done. I started them with a set of needlenose pliers and tightened them with the vise grips.

Label everything as you're taking the dash fascia apart. The air vent selector in particular has four separate plugs going to it. You also do not need to take all the knobs off the fascia before removing it. I just slid the fascia out a bit and squeezed my hands behind it to unplug everything.

If your car is a daily driver, don't start this unless you have a few days to complete it. I've been working on mine for 2 days, should get it done tomorrow. I haven't been working non-stop on it, but I still think it would take 8 hours minimum to take your time and not mess anything up.

Hope this helps someone. (and hoping my repair lasts more than a few miles :cheesy: )
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