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Hello all,

This saturday, in the morning, I was going about 80 kph on the freeway when a two tonne Fiat flatbed rear-ended me with what I estimate to be 130 kph. It was quite violent, but someone upstairs must have been in a good mood, because the old gal had her finest hour then and there. I was able to simply open the door, walk out, with only a substantial shock and some sore muscles.

The car in question is the one I recently posted in the milage thread, it had 743000 kilometers on the clock, running smoothly, original turbo, CAT, head gasket, used no oil. Some rust on the body, but in decent condition for a car that has been the equivalent of to the moon and back.

MY1999 LPT Saab 9-3 SE (B204)

And now for my need of advice. I recognise that there are some very knowledgable people on this board.

I am now, for obvious reasons, in the market for a new car. I've had my eye on a very nice black MY2002 9-3 SE (B205) with 160000 km on the clock. The body and interior is very nice, and it seems to have been driven mostly in the city of Berlin (shorter trips). However, it does not have a full service history, and the valve cover of the engine looks rather odd to me.

As you can see, the paint has started to chip off (i assume expedited by many shorter trips), but even more curiously, has this discoloration, that I have never seen before. As if someone spilled milk on it (I don't know about german engine service practices, maybe they do that sort of stuff).

Now, I haven't seen it in person, and I haven't test driven it (I know what to feel, look and listen for in that case), and as such I would like to have your opinion before I purchase a plane ticket and look closer.

In any case, I thought that discoloration was quite odd. Any opinions?
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