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So I had some OBD codes on my car recently and I looked them up. I had trouble finding the Saab specific codes, so I just used GM codes, as my 9-5 was 2002(Sedan Linear), well within the GM era. However, I found a site, greatly due to the help of this site, that gives Saab specific explanations for codes, and they make a lot more sense together now. However, I still would like a little advice on how to proceed. My codes are as follows:
P0113-Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High Input
P1107-Charge Air Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit Short To Ground/Open
P1110- Charge Air Bypass Valve - Performance Problems
P1334- Combustion Detection Cylinder 3/4 Open Circuit / Short to B+.

In response to some noise I was hearing under boost, I had already changed the diverter valve, which is what I assume it's referring to in P1110. As for P1334, when I first looked it up under GM codes, it said something about the DIC, so I still think there's a chance that could be the issue here. My questions are:
Where is the Intake Air Temperature Sensor on my car so I can clean it with some mass flow sensor cleaner?
And Where is the Charge Air Absolute Pressure Sensor.

Also, I wanted to share the site where I got these Saab specific codes as they were invaluable to me:

Thank you in advance!
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