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It's Official. The Ultimate 900 AERO is up for grabs for the right buyer. A very long history and Modification list along with tons of rare and custom spare parts to go with the car depending on buyer's preference. The car has been upraised and insured for 25k and that is the price I am asking for the car only. the spare parts are negotiable and are valued at 3k. additional photos showing the history of the car along with awards, videos, statements will be provided to serious buyers

Name: Shane Mounir

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Means of contact: email

Price: $28000

Description: Taking Offers,
Highly Modified 1988 SAAB 900 SPG (Aero).
Entertaining Offers around 25K, why? Read below.
Proudly Owned, Loved and Driven since March 1998
Call Shane ( 917) 541-7944
1- Swedish Dynamics Red Stage 5 APC _ Automatic Performance Control unit
2- Swedish Dynamics Red series T3/T4 Garrett Turbo
3- Custom Aluminum Front mount Intercooler.
4- Aqua-mist water/alcohol Injection
5- Jack Stoll stage 2 Fuel Map Chip
6- 2.3 SAAB 9000 rebuilt head.
7- 2.1 900 S intake manifold.
8- Open K&N filter with custom fresh air inlet.
9- 91s Intake cam and 85t exhaust cam
10- Brad’s AID
11- Magna core 8mm wires
12- Jon Williams Custom Headers
13- Saab Savior stainless turbo soft bend elbow
14- Custom 3” Full Exhaust System with Stainless steel metallic cat and Stainless Steel magna flow muffler, and custom Viggen style exhaust tip
Gear Box and clutch
15- Rebuilt 1991 900 S great box ( known for stronger gears and better drivability)
16- #8 primary gear set bringing potential top speed to 175 mph @ 7000rpm. Tested (160 @ 6400 rpm)
17- Swedish Dynamics light weight aluminum flywheel
18- SAAB 9000 turbo 9” clutch
19- Three Troll performance ( Gary Moore) Solid alumium front engine/gearbox mount
20- Custom Short shifter with reverse lock.
21- Added gear box temp sensor gauge inside cockpit ;-)
Suspension and wheels
22- Custom Adjustable Afco springs and spring seats.
23- AVO Competition Adjustable Shocks from the UK with 20 adjustable settings
24- Polyurethane swaybar bushings
25- Custom bump stops
26- 18x8 light weight Forged Team Dynamics pro race 1.2
27- 225 35 18 Yokohama
28- Extra set of 18x7, 5 spokes deep dish light weight Drfiz 517 with Pirelli P Zero Nero
29- Speed parts Rear 10 mm Spacers
30- Front Revolution Brakes/ Wilwood Big Brake kit
31- Rear Performance porterfield pads and performance rotors.
32- Kevin Yankton, one of 3 ever made custom Carbon fiber hood
33- E-Code Hella head lights with hella Xenon h4 conversion kit
34- Custom LED Day light
35- Speed parts clear corners and side marker
36- Tinted rear lights
37- Duraflex Wide body kit with custom flares.
38- Graphite Gray flat paint
39- Rear 3D light weight carbon fiber Wing
40- Viggen Roof Antenna
41- Rear tinted windows and hatch

42- Swede head liner
43- Custom Aluminum Dash kit and door inderts.
44- Custom VDO gauges and rare SAAB 140 mph Speedo head
45- Kenwood Automatic hideaway classic head unit with 6 cd changer.
46- Rear 6x9 Speakers conversion, and polk-audio front and rear speakers.
47- Custom light weight diamond plate floor mats and standard new mats.
48- Racing pedal sets.

In a nutshell, this is a very special car. It’ s a very known car in The SAAB community and in European and exotics car groups. It gets serious attention every where it goes and it definitely gets more than the anticipated respect from many 500+ hp cars on the road. This car is a blast to drive and pleasure to own. If you are looking for a car that is very unique and cool and will have you easily run with exotics and top of the line European cars, This is the one. I was able to easily register this car for exotics only events and drives because of how unique the car is. This is your ticket to run with the big boys, impress the big boys and stand out in absolutely any crowed. I am letting go for the right offer because I have owned the car for 15 years and I had so much fun with it. I am now ready for something else. This is going to feel like sending your kid to college or your daughter to a husband… Not good ;-) …



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I saw this car in person in at Swedish Saab Service when the coilovers were getting raised for the shippers. I was there to pick up my own car after Roland worked his magic on it.

GL with your sale!

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Just curious, but with all of those upgrades what kind of figures is the car putting out (hp/trq)?

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Just looking at this thing makes me proud to own a SAAB...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful car. I hope it goes to the right person.

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I saw this car in person and in action at a Poker run Rally in jersey. the car is awesome. GLWS
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