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Not headlamp bulbs, not orange relay, now what?

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99 saab 9-5. Two new h7 bulbs put in carefully, not touching bulbs. it used to be no low beams, then only passenger high beam -- so we replaced bulbs and orange relay. still nothing. any ideas where to look? fuses looked ok.....
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low beam relay, light switch, dice fuses.
No headlights at all

I should have stated it clearer. I have absolutely no headlights or headlamps now.
Changed the low beam relay. Didn't matter -- still no light.

Not sure what to check on light switch. Can unplug the switch to test what??

Dice fuses in passenger compartment ok.
you did check both relays? orange one I see you checked? the other ones can be swapped with another relay.

basically you got dip beam relay, and main beam..and of course the filament monitor.
Check for voltage at the relay and the switch.
Waiting for parts

Waiting for new switch. will give feedback on progress and all your HELPFUL advice to solving my problem when it arrives. Again, thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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