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I've had the same problem with the hazards not working on the car since I got it - indicators were fine, but the hazards were dead. Well, guess what, I discovered the problem.

The relay itself is fine - take it out and look at it from the front. You'll see that there is a crosswise lug at the front, and at the back of the relay there are two smaller lugs - these are prone to being bent, and as a result don't make contact.

You can check this theory with the relay still in. Put your hazard lights on and gently move the relay l - r and f - b if the hazards begin to activate when you move the relay, then you know what the problem is.

To resolve, simply (gently) bend the affected lugs back to (or off of) straight, and hey presto, you have working hazard lights.

Hope this saves people money.

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