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Noises expected from the turbo?

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Being new to driving a car with a turbo, I wonder if more experienced turbo drivers could help me confirm the sounds that I am hearing from my new 9-3 2.0t Vector.

I am now familiar with the whistling sound produced by the turbo when accelerating, but have also noticed what I can only describe as a slight whining noise when the turbo guage shows the pressure decreasing (i.e. when lifting off the accelerator when on the motorway). Is this as expected ? It is not a particularly loud noise and cannot be heard if the stereo is at a decent volume, but I would like to confirm that this normal for a turbo.

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There should not really be any noise from the actual turbo as you are deaccelerating, the bypass valve should do just that... Only noise should be the slight pssst sound when the pressure is released from lifting off the accelerator.

Does your turbo gauge go all the way to bottom when deaccelerating? It should be at the lowest end of the gauge, lower than when it's idling.
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