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Noises expected from the turbo?

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Being new to driving a car with a turbo, I wonder if more experienced turbo drivers could help me confirm the sounds that I am hearing from my new 9-3 2.0t Vector.

I am now familiar with the whistling sound produced by the turbo when accelerating, but have also noticed what I can only describe as a slight whining noise when the turbo guage shows the pressure decreasing (i.e. when lifting off the accelerator when on the motorway). Is this as expected ? It is not a particularly loud noise and cannot be heard if the stereo is at a decent volume, but I would like to confirm that this normal for a turbo.

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One question.....

you have a clicking noise when desaccelerating?? when the car is stoped and without any gear engaged, you accelerate a little and then when you leave the accelerator, you listen a clicking/metalic noise?? then could be the wastegate valve has a little movement.

when you are reducing your speed(using the engine brake), under 3000rpm you listen this metalic sound?

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