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mrbluesuit said:
Thanks Cdaly. But maybe I didn't explain it quite right.
The positive wire running to the coil has no power.
I was wondering if it might be something to do with the (brain box). not sure of the technical term.:suprised;
First of all, welcome to SaabCentral. You found the right place! :cool:

Your 86 Turbo is the same kind of car I have, so I am too familiar with the ignition system. Tracking down and fixing your problem should be very possible.

+ to the coil (green/white wire) comes straight from the ignition switch.

The black wire from the coil goes to the Ignition Control Unit, which interrupts the coil's connection to ground to cause the spark.

The Bentley Service Manual has very detailed troubleshooting steps for ignition - and many other - problems. It is about $40, but worth every nickel if you want to DIY. Available from several online vendors - highly recommended!

FYI, pin 4 of the TSI Socket (the round 6-pin socket in the fuse box) is fed from the same source as coil positive; see if you get +12 there with the ignition on. If not, you have a problem with the ignition switch or the wiring. Pin 5 should pulse 0 and 12 V when starting (or running) if the Ignition Control Unit (and +12 coil supply) is working. TSI pins are numbered clockwise, with pin 6 empty.

The TSI pin positions are:
1) +12 always (straight from battery)
2) Ground
3) +12 when starting
4) +12 with ignition switched on
5) Alternating 0 and +12 - spark on low to high transition
6) (Empty)
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