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I'm thinking of taking a look at a 900 that's up for sale near me that apparently won't go into fifth or reverse gear.

Is there any way of telling if it's more likely to be the linkage or the 'box itself?

My Haynes manual suggests the following problems:-

1) Clutch - Wouldn't this affect all gears equally?

2) Selector - Is more likely to affect 5 and R together , 1 & 2 together, single gears or all five? Is the special tool(s) to adjust this easy (and cheap) to get hold of?

3) Spigot Bearing On Flywheel - Again would this affect just some gears? Is it easy to fix (Compared to other transmission problems)?

If it doesn't go into gear when moving the stick with the clutch down (or engine off) would that be more likely to suggest linkage?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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