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OK, I'm a Saab virgin. This is the first one. 98 SE 'vert. I bought it as a toy to play with over time. Mechanically, it's in really good shape. Some aesthetic blemishes, and minor stuff to work out. But, that's part of the fun...

Then, it kicked my butt...

Driver's side headlight low beam went out. Thought, no problem. Needs a new bulb. I bought the new bulb. Same problem. Tested the bulb on the passenger side, it worked fine.

Checked the fuses. All intact... So, good bulb & good fuses.

Any ideas? Relay? Is it wired so that there's something in the circuit I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your help! By the way -- I love the car, and may buy a new one as a daily driver to replace the Jaguar...
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