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I'm looking at doing my Front suspension (shocks + springs at least).

I've already done my brakes, so getting the wheel off and working down there comfortably is of little concequence. The biggest obstacle is getting the spring compressed and off and, of course, the new one compressed and back on.

So I went looking for a coil-compression tool. There were prices up to 100$ for this simple little thing. So I kep looking, and found one for less than 20$ including shipping!

I KNOW someone is going to want to buy one. I think I will myself, but only after I've checked VIP pricing, just in case I can get it local. Here's the link for the tool.

11.99 for this unit, 6-7$ for shipping. That's barely a 20$ investment. I figure labor for the job would far exceed the price of the tool. And who knows if I'll need it again.

I believe the only items needed for this job are:
Front shocks (2)
Front coil/springs(2)

I figure I need both. I currently have the original suspension, and it makes a "Pffffft" noise when I go over things. You feel all the bumps, and I bottom out on a speedbump when I head over to a friends... I hate that. Rough ride compared to when I first got it.

I think I have most of the bases covered in preparation. If I left anything out, someone fill me in.

If/when I get to this job, I will be posting a description of the job with pictures.;)

'97 Saab 900 Turbo SE 2.0L 120K
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