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Hey everyone, new guy here...

I have a 9-3 2.2 TiD from 2002. that has passed 190 000km. No engine problem just this one mysterious problem with the clutch itself.....

The thing is that I have changed the master cylinder 5 times. 2 used and 3 new ones, and the slave cylinder one time, but the pedal is still slipping down until the car is totally undriveable because I cannot change the gears anymore. I have done the bleeding too many times, and changed the oil completly several times, then the pedal goes up, but you can drive for half of day until it goes down again.... Even the small pipe that is used for bleeding is changed.

My neighbor who is a mechanic called the Saab authorized service and asked them if they had had similar problem, they said that they had similar problem which had something with the gearbox and the flex plate themselves.... One thing that they said was that some of these 2.2 TiD originally from vectra had the Alfa Romeo 156 from 1999. gearbox.... I don't know what to do anymore, i have red thousands of threads without luck.
So if anyone had atleast similar problem or knows the origin of the gearbox, Vauxhall or Alfa please read this and help I'm desperate. :cry: :roll:
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