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Hi all

Just got a nice 2004 93 Convertible as a daily 150bhp 2.0T model.
Few questions:

1. 52k on clock 8 years old full Saab history but no mention of cambelt and water pump! Whens teh recomended interval? Any idea on cost? Im in Gloucestershire, any specalists?

2. Il do oil and plugs and pick up pipe on her next weekend. NGK plugs OK?
Part number for pick up pipe? Does sump come off easy?
Recomended oil? 10W40 Fully Synthetic clearly?
How do I clear the service light thats up? (I hope it isnt computer only job)

3. Should I have a cover on underside of engine for smooth airflow?

4. Washer jets dont work, no noise or anything? Which fuse is it and where is it found? Anything thats normal for these go on?? Doesnt leak fluid out and its nice and hot so wont be frozen.

5. Its a daily (I have a 650bhp Audi TT as a toy) so driven gentley, however I park on drive and sit for a min before turning off for turbo to cool. All good for about 2 min...... then fan come on after 2 min of being off.... Werid? Or normal?

6. Any advantage bar the usual of running 99 RON fuel? Do they self map or tend to coke up valves much?

7. What should I clean and protect hood with?

8. How do you turn traffic announcements off?

9. How does voice activation and phone work? Seen buttons on wheel but dont understand.

Any other advice for a newbie would be great, any service or mods that should be done for a daily just to keep her healthy?

Cheers All

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