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I was a diesel Benz guy for the last few years, but my ride finally died on me after 450.000 miles.
I just bought a 1996 NG900 2.0 turbo convertible (all stock) with 160.000 kms and some issues. I really have enjoyed driving the car for the last few weeks...I wanna keep it BUT, I'm going through the car and correcting some problems right now. I'll start with the important stuff first.

-the transmission takes quite awhile to engage into reverse gear when cold.
-shifts smoothly in all gears until warmed up after driving for about 10 minutes...then it "bumps" into gears once up at operating temp. It isn't slipping between gears as far as I can tell.
-Fluid is not burnt and the level is correct.

Question-Is there a T.V. pressure cable? If so, what are the specifics for adjustment?

It's working now, but not working properly.
I freed up the sticky waste gate linkage, inspected all the vacuum lines and replaced a brittle vacuum hose going from the throttle body to the bypass valve. I'm only getting barely over half boost according to the indicator under hard throttle. It's an inconsistent boost and seems to drop pressure slightly once peaking out just before the red bar in the indicator. Never full boost pressure.
Better than before, but still incorrect.
What do I inspect for next?

-When the ignition key is turned to the "ON" position, the dash lights only come on momentarily, (2-3 seconds during the initial self-check ) then fade out completely.
All the accompanied backlit panel lights (radio, heater, console etc.) DO NOT ever light up. I've checked the bulbs, and the bulbs are fine.
I have replaced the rheostat and head light switch and checked ALL the fuses.
Still have the same issues. Ignition switch faulty? Can I pull it and fix it?

I'm getting really frustrated and I'm stumped....
Anyone feeling helpful out there? :confused:
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