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newb question about bumper to bumper warranty

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what's the base bumper to bumper warranty on a 2003 9-3 Linear?

I was told drivetrain is covered up to 60k...but the guy at the BMW dealership didn't know about the bumper to bumper warranty, I was assuming maybe 3 yr/36k...whatever comes first?
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All "scheduled" maintenance. Meaning iol changes wehn your tells you it's time to change, Intermediate service (change cabin filter, rotate tires, etc) when your manual says. I think that's it.
Some dealers get around doing tech II changes for free under "free scheduled maint" by removing it fromt he 30 day policy (like my dealer), or saying it's a user-defined change and is not scheduled so you have to pay for it.

It hink that's it unless I missed something...
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