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New window roller problem after classic fix complete

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Just finished the classic window roller job.

After the new window rollers have been installed, the window slides up and down on the track, but slows down near the very top of the window, and again about halfway up or down.

The window (i believe) is seated in its vertical track just fine. Does this need a bit of lithium grease or something in order to slide freely?

Also, there are 2-3 strange dimples in the bottom of the roller track, in the corner between the lower horizontal piece and the back vertical plate.

If this were to be described as an L shape, the dimples are in the corner of the L. For some reason, I had to push the rollers past the dimples to get them into the tracks properly. They won't slide past these dimples without a fight.

I can't see how the rollers would be coming across these dimples during regular operation of the window if they were there from the factory, as this inhibits their rolling. Are such dimples supposed to be there from the factory, or could they have been punched into the window track when the stock rollers failed and the window fell? Personally, I find it hard to believe dimples were punched into the corner of a metallic object just by something falling.

Am I missing something here? Both regulator arms appear straight as an arrow, but I may be wrong - I don't know what im looking for here.

Perhaps dremel out the dimples? :roll:

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
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