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New to the 9000 -- what are the weak points

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Hey I'm looking to get a 9000 aero, 5sp

I'm wondering what the weak parts of the cars are and what I should look for. Also do the manuals have the same issue as the manuals in the C900? Or do they last till 200,000 miles no problem.

I use to own a 900 just new to the 9000

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I would say the most important is maintenance history. 9000's are bulletproof and last forever if well maintained but they can become a real nightmare if maintenance was neglected. Regular oil changes with quality 5Wxx or 10wxx oils are vital for these engines, if the car had poor maintenance (cheap oil, 15Wxx oils, long intervals) be prepared for serious engine trouble. I've seen the inside of engines that were new after 400 000 km but also engines that were completely shot after 150 000 km.

Rust is not likely to be an issue but do check for rust at the top mounting points of the rear shocks, you need to pull away the liner in the boot to check. Also check at the top end of the rear springs. A few 9000's do rust at those places and it can be so bad that you will have to scrap the car. Other places to check are around the wind shield, above the doors near the roof (check under the rubber seals) and around the wheel arches.

Other things that you should check: timing and balance chain noise (rattling is bad), head gasket leakage, clutch operation (hydraulics can fail especially if brake fluid was not changed regularly), abs failures, ACC operation, electrical issues etc.

If all works, it looks right, runs right, drives right and is well maintained go for it!

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Windshield washer tank is prone to cracking. Top off the tank and watch for leaks.

Fuel tank straps can corrode all the way through leaving the tank hanging from one. Make sure the tank is not sagging.

Heater core is a weakness. Run the heat and look for condensation or coolant smell.

Fog lamp sockets are prone to corrosion.

Check the function of all five wipers (headlights too).

If the owner says "It hasn't needed anything", run away.

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Well I just wrote a diatribe of things to watch for and be aware of, but before I could finish my computer overheated crashed and I lost the text. I will try to be more brief this time.

Alright thanks guys, I'm considering one that's a 94 with 250,000 miles, bunch of new parts, for only $1,350, craigslist. Car looks as if the owner was meticulous about the maintenance. :)
Depending on how well the car has been maintained this could be a great buy. The parts on these cars alone are easily worth a couple thousand bucks.

Major Things to Look For on Aeros with HIGH mileage:
-smoke from the exhaust
-cooling system issues
-turbo problems
-TCS/ETS throttle issues


The fenders on the 9k rust out really easily right at the wheel arch where a half circle cover plate attaches and secures the plastic weather gaurds.
Replacing the fender is a pretty easy process but finding one in the right color can be hard.
The strut mount bolt area under the hood is prone to rusting and is essential for the cars drivability.

The rear strut mount area is where the rear suspension attatches to the frame of the car on both sides of the gas tank. This area is often neglected and can easily put your car out of comission if not tended to. Look for rust where the suspension meets the frame, if you see A LOT of rust this is bad.
Luckily the car has a really good weather sealant on the bottom of the car so you should see literally no rust on undercarriage.


The pillars/poles/bars on either side of the windshield at 200,000+ will almost certainly be starting to see some surface rust. The pillars are strong enough that this is more of a cosmetic issue than a structural issue.
You can use chemicals like POR-15 to stop the rust at its source after you have cleaned up the affected area.

This could indicate a broken head gasket, bad turbo, etc. It could also however be a number of benign issues which can be solved rather easily compared to a head gasket. At over 200,000 miles in an Aero, a head gasket repair in the future is very likely. I've heard BAR's leak sealer can work well if you catch it early.


As discussed earlier this can be expected, watch out for the heater core hose and all the other radiator hoses and senders/thermostat/switches/relays/fan operation.


If the oil hasn't been changed regularly with good oil the turbo will start wearing out. The waste-gate actuator can get quite rusty and may need to be adjusted at some point or replaced. At high high mileage there's always a possibility of some leaky or cracked intercooler hoses and/or intercooler.

Very common problems at high mileage that can potentially cost a lot $800 for TB, $200+ for other electromechanical parts, $100+ for valves and solenoids. This is why people many people say the non TCS/ETS Aeros are the better way to go. You can always convert a TCS/ETS to a non TCS/ETS throttle system but this is a pretty big job.
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