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Greetings, trying to keep the forums alive. Seems like everyone is migrating over to FB Groups.

(for those who are interested, here is my youtube channel. I try to document everything done to this car) -

I recently sold my dream Saab - The Viggen due to moving out of state and couldn't justify taking it with me (long story). The Viggen was my 4th and favorite Saab and I was sad to see it go.

So when I moved, I was on the search for another. I posted on the local Saab FB group with 2 conditions - It had to be manual and under $1,500. I got a few responses. One of them caught my eyes (mainly because it was $850 :LOL:). The owner worked with me down to $700 and it was a deal!

This is my 2004 9-5 Arc. It was sitting for a bit because the previous owner bought a new car and has not been used. It runs and drives remarkably well. Still a mystery to me why the owner let it go for so cheap. Maybe one day I will find out (hopefully I don't haha). It has zero rust, not even a speck! This is new to me because I am from the rust belt. It was weird to see an old car without rust!
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive parking light

Has 165k miles on the clock
Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Tachometer Vehicle

It is indeed a manual :p
Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

The first thing to do was to give it a good exterior wash. Body panels are in excellent shape, I could see no dings or dents, just a few scratches in the common places.
Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Vehicle

Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle Car

Next on the list is a good interior detail. It needs it badly haha.

I am also documenting the progress on my YT channel.

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handbrake needs looking at ASAP..
haha! for sure it does, but honestly, it's a cosmetic issue so I'm not too worried about it just yet. I need to first clean the interior. The thing is pretty filty with old crusty foods and dog hair! Who knows what else I will find when I remove the seats? :p

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Did some introductory cleaning.

There were a lot of leaves and dirt everywhere.
Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

Hood Motor vehicle Grille Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Wood Arthropod Building Insect Cuisine

Automotive tire Wood Stairs Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting

And after a lot of elbow grease and an entire roll of cleaning wipes...
Grey Ingredient Wood Petal Cuisine

Much better!
Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Vehicle Rim

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Hood Automotive lighting

Vehicle Wheel Tire Automotive tire Car

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Then I moved onto the interior. It was also dirty:
Road surface Asphalt Floor Gas Electrical wiring

Automotive tire Water Road surface Asphalt Grey

Automotive tire Road surface Hood Grey Water

and removed a bunch of trash:
Baby Products Auto part Plastic Baby carriage Asphalt

It's amazing what a quick and simple vaccum can do...The mats have quite a bit of staining, so I will be removing those soon.
Automotive tire Hood Road surface Grey Asphalt

Shoe Sleeve Wood Grey Denim

Hood Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Grey Tar

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The roof mounted antenna was an eyesore. The southern sun was not kind to it.
Water Liquid Hood Fluid Gas

so I removed the old bits:
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Vehicle door Automotive exterior

and lucky for me, the car came with a new dummy cover. Much better!
Hood Door Vehicle door Automotive design Automotive mirror

The side mouldings weren't in good shape either:
Window Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Vehicle

I had mcguire's back to black laying around so I did two passes with it:
Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Vehicle Automotive design

Then I removed all the previous owner's touches, like this front plate (I think it is Startrek?)
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Vehicle registration plate Car Grille

and removed the "I aim to misbehave" quote. Anyone know where that's from?
Hand Human body Finger Font Flooring

And this weird thing haha
Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Font Rectangle

But I did put this SCNA sticker. Must support the club!
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design

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Next up was replacing this old shift knob. It was coming off onto my hands every time I shift, and I got really sick of it. I probably will get sick because of it if I don't replace it soon.

Mirror Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive side-view mirror Automotive mirror

An original knob is $138.00 on Esaabparts. And while I'm sure the quality is good, I wasn't ready to spend that much yet on a shift knob. So I got a replica one for $22.00. Surprisingly it felt good. I was expecting total crap but it was a pleasant surprise.
Plant Sports equipment Hood Automotive tire Ball

Looking much better!
Vehicle Gear shift Car Motor vehicle Steering part

Video summary:

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Did the bypass valve hose mod the other day. It was fun learning how the system worked. To me, I didn't feel much difference in sound. Slightly better throttle response though. Might be because I have a stock tune. One more reason to go stage 1!

And because it made no sound difference, I went ahead and got a cone filter from AEM. Very common mod, and a must have for any turbo car :)

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Finally replaced my cup holder today. I never use it but it always bothered that it was broken!
Car Motor vehicle Radio Gear shift Satellite radio

I didn't know you had to open up the entire dash panel. It was fun but tedious. Broke tabs and cracked the dash a little. oops :)
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Bumper

I found the culprit! 1 ball was broken. I guess this is why most cup holders fail.
Hand Finger Thumb Nail Tool

The other culprit. This gear was too free and it was causing the cup holder to come out too fast.
Hand Finger Thumb Nail Wrist

New one is in! :)
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering wheel Automotive exterior

It's a very small thing but I feel good knowing that onemore thing is restored to its former glory. AND I got to learn how it all works inside. I had a very good time with this one. Video link below!

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I just really really wish they had steel components and steel ball joints etc. Could be an amazing design but it's just too flimsy!
I have a 3d printer and I was thinking of replicating that ball part but it would probably break again. I was thinking the same thing! I wish someone made steel versions!

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I acquired some goodies. Sharktooth front bumper and projector headlights. The bumper is in pretty rough shape. I am not worried about the paint chips and scratches because those are easy to fix, but I am scratching my head over the upper grill portion where it is completely detached. Any advice, previous experience, horror stories would be greatly appreciated!

I can think of a few options:
1. Use heat to mould it as best as I can and use strong epoxy, metal mesh back to bond it back.
2. Cut up my base bumper's upper part and merge it with the sharktooth bottom. Cut would be at the black plastic trim line for the best possible match.
3. Just color match it and put the sucker on, YOLO.

Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Grille Motor vehicle

Grille Hood Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting

As for the projectors, I saw conflicting opinions online whether they would work on a base model. Some said they are plug and play (I doubt it), some say it will work but with errors on the SID, some say it is impossible and you need level sensors and wiring. Instead of reading about it and giving up, I decided to actually try it for myself. My ideal situation would be to just remove the xenons alltogether and put high quality LED bulbs in as a replacement. We shall see...!
Automotive parking light Grille Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle

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Today, I installed the xenons. mostly plug and play as you guys have said :)

Look at the difference!
Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

Cutoff line comparison
Wood Bird Floor Gas Flooring

Did a quick polish before leveling them.
Tire Automotive tire Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood Grille

Automotive parking light Grille Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

My best friend WIS
Line Font Rectangle Parallel Engineering

leveled according to WIS.
Wood Rectangle Paint Flooring Shade

on the road comparison
Automotive lighting Sky Astronomical object Asphalt Cloud

Video summary:

overall, 1000% happy with the conversion!!!

next up is restoring this rough looking sharktooth bumper. Stay tuned!
Grille Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Car
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