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Hello first post on this forum. 1999 93 conv. So a week ago i had the right strut mount replaced due to the strut bearing failure at my local Saab specialist. Suspension felt really good after the service while driving from shop to work and then from work home doing about 60 miles total. The next day i notice some creaking on the right strut during slow maneuvers. It was like 1-2 creaks while accelerating and maybe 2-3 while turning more noticeable when turning left and putting weight load on the right strut. So i went back to the shop and ask them if they could take a look. They did and said that they cleaned the mount and apply some more lube and everything seemed to be fine. After two days of enjoyable driving in dry conditions we got some heavy rain yesterday. Almost right after the car got wet the creaking came back but maybe slightly less noticeable than before. So at this point before going back to the shop for the second time or looking for a different mechanic to take a look i would like to ask for some suggestions.

1. Is light creaking somehow expected after putting in a new strut mount until parts get settled down or something? Maybe a couple of weeks of driving will solve the issue.
2. Could it be that they put in some not so good aftermarket mount?
3. Could it indicate that they used old support bearing or spring disk that don't fit well with the new mount.
4. any other suggestions?

Hot weather will be starting here in Florida soon so i am also wondering if the creaking is going to get worst.

The car really drives awesome after the repair especially that they did great job on alignment and wheel balancing but that creaking is just a nice mood killer.

Anyone with a similar experience? Any advice on what to ask for if i decide to go back to the shop for the second time. Also is there a way to look for some obvious things that could cause creaking(like certain washer put wrong way) just by jacking car up and inspecting visible parts on the strut.
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