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Please be advised that the former Wheels & Tires Section is now renamed as Saab Ownership General Topics and has become a newly expanded section of its own.

The old Wheels & Tires Forum remains, and which is now joined by two NEW forums:

  • Autobody & Detailing

    [*]Engine Oil & Other Automotive Lubricants & Fluids

Brian (bkrell) is the Moderator for the Engine Oil forum. Anyone here who's been around awhile would know Brian's pretty knowledgeable on the topic, to put it mildly.

The Autobody & Detailing forum has not been assigned to a Moderator yet.

Also the Wheels & Tires forum awaits to be assigned a Moderator.

In the meantime, please join us to welcome these site changes and we hope you'll benefit from, and contribute to, these forums as much as we do.

Comments and suggestions on how we can improve on them are most welcomed.
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