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New Saab?

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Well as I have posted in another thread, my 1997 900s was involved in a accident and is totalled.
My question is this. I would like to get another Saab and I like the ng900 9-3 model not the newer ones. Is there is a best year to get like 1999 or 2000?? Also I was considering a convertible. Are there issues with the vert models?? any insight would be helpful. thanks.
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I like the 1999 model because they have a T5 engine management system rather than the T7 found in the 2000+ models. This is a little more simplistic system, and its great for tuning for more horsepower. I'm not sure if this is any consideration for you or not though.
I do like to do alot of mainence type work myslef so the simpler the better. the 900s was rather simple to do tuneups and such
It just seems that the T7 is harder to troublshoot beause the computer accounts and adjusts for more paramenters. There is a lot of discussion on the workings of Trionis 7 on this site. Having a turbo on the car will make it a little more involved than your N/A 900s, but just think of it as the added chalange! It is definatly worth it! And the turbo system really is one of the best set-up available from a oem.
What are you bumping for? What else do you need to know?

Saabs are very reliable.
The 99 is best for tuning.
You really can't go wrong with any 9-3, if it has been taken good care of.
Read the FAQ stickied up at the top of the forum, I just added model specifics that may help you decide a year.
No 9-3 from any of those years is any worse in any way then the others. They only got better every year.
Any info on convertible issues??
No not really. When test driving one just use the hell out of that top.
Open it, close it, latch it, open it halfway, then close it back down, latch it. Do this a few times. Make sure it's smooth and seamless.

Saab makes the best convertibles in the biz in thier range, IMO.
The 99+ all got a Mercedes top, not that the 900 was bad at all.
They really do last and just take a peek through this forum. While some folks will admit even one convertible problem is one too many... with all the problems that get posted here, "top issues" would probably rank pretty low. I had to have a gear replaced on mine and it was about $200.
id beg to differ with the t5 over t7 issue... for one reason and one reason only, if i had had a t5 car i would have blown it up already, they run leaner with all these mods, and dont imho have as much protection against problems. I have been able to put down a lot more power with my car and just a 6cm exhaust side and a smbc than most t5's have... with a td04 installed...:roll:
I think the T5 provides the same protection against problems as the T7 but the T7 adds an extra measure of adaptability in different climates, altitudes, etc. It's great for all-around use, in all locations around the world.

You might be right about the running leaner -- I hit fuel cut at 4,050 RPM with my mods -- but the T5 makes up for that, and more, once the software is programmed. :cool:
I love my 97 convertible. I always think the newer the better and with as few miles as possible. I would buy a 2002 if I had the cash. But, that's just me and how I feel about any used car. Be prepared for some squeaks etc that are common to verts. Some silicone or other products out there reduce or illiminate much of this though.

There is nothing like a Saab convertible--I love the look and they are a blast to drive with the top down. Lots of nice verts out there but Saab has many advantages:

Less expensive than Audi/BMW/Merc.
It has a back seat.
Is unique--I must have seen 5 Mustang and Chrysler Sebring verts on my way home from work today and I think I have the only Saab vert in town.
It is a "guy's vert" (not that gals don't love & drive them too). Not sure why, just seems more masculine than a Miata or Solara for some reason.

I wasn't inspired much by Saab sedans but when I first drove the vert I had to have one.
I am looking at a 97 saab 900s vert with 70K miles that seems to have come my way. Whats a fair price for this? around $5k?
Depends on condition of car and if it was serviced and maintained properly--and if this can be verified. I paid $7K for mine a year ago (about 72K miles) and have put about $1000 into it--but I'm not a DIY mechanic so only do oil changes and the like. $5K would be a real steal for a very nice one. Mine is an SE V6 auto trans with all the options so that may be cause for higher price too.

Look it over good and make sure there are no issues.
psymon said:
I am looking at a 97 saab 900s vert with 70K miles that seems to have come my way. Whats a fair price for this? around $5k?
about 9 months ago i purchased an immaculate, full records available, dealer serviced 1999 9-3se auto with 100k on it for $5,500.

w/ seperate snows/rims, brand new rotors around, and new Pirelli's.

Just as a 'gauge'.
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