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After looking for a convertible online for several weeks I picked up a 99 9-3. My first project (aside from deep cleaning) was to replace the broken low pressure connection on the compressor, vacuum the system and then recharge it. Next project is installing heated seats in a base model with no wiring in the dash (that I can find). Good thing there is lots of confidence building info on this site. Sadly Mike Shaw SAAB in Denver is now closed so I am on the hunt for an independent to get a new key and get a key fob married to the car. Then on to some minor top issues.
Except for one short shut down after running the AC all day on a hot day, I have really enjoyed driving this car and look forward to a lot of pleasant motoring.

Coming from the Range Rover world I am used to RAVE which is a complete downloadable manual complete with diagrams, torque values, step by step instructions and pictures.
Is there such an animal for SAAB or something that is close?
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