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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a 2004 9-3 Arc convertible, it is my first Saab.

I really like the car but it needs some work such as...
  • Restore operation to the convertible top.
  • Fix for the hole in the exhaust and possibly upgrade.
  • Fix the external air temperature sensor.
  • Find replacement radio treble & bass knobs.
  • Restore the interior transmission gear indicator plate.
  • Replace six of the seven speakers.
  • Find out and fix what the "thunk" noise is coming from the rear of the car when turning into a driveway.
  • Detailing
There may/will be other problems that occur during this new journey of ownership.

Just wanted to say hi, and if you have helpful information about fixing any of the above let me know. Otherwise I will browse and search.
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