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rdy4flt said:
Hi Everyone just wanted to say hello. I bought my Arctic Silver 9-2x Aero Monday of last week from Saab of Santa Ana. Anyone else in Southern California???

Hey Rudy -- I'm in Costa Mesa and just purchased my Black 9-2x from the same place as you.

Hope to see your silver aero around on the 55 fwy sometime. ;)

While I'm posting, can anyone help me out here? It's a really dumb question but here goes: I was putting away my lugnut toolbar thing (as you can see I'm a real mechanic :p) inside of the spare tire and when I tried to get the top of the trunk bed lining on, it won't sit flush anymore? I made sure the white styrofoam insulation piece went back in flush but the carpeted lining isn't sitting flush...the left side sticks up a few cm's while the right side lays flush (and yes, the stoopid thing sat flush before I decided to move the lugnut tool inside the spare tire.) <--I assume that this is an okay place to put the tools since there doesn't seem to be room anywhere else and definitely not in the space where the actual jack is placed.
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