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New ride.... Ac issues???

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Hi guys! I'm so glad to be able to say I am back in a saab!! I totaled my 00' 9-5 doing 85 mph a couple years back and it saved my life! I just purchased a 9-3 2004 chocolate brown and I absolutely love it!! Everything has been great so far and I have done all the necessary tune ups including synthetic oil, new filters all around coolant flush and detailed the thing to the t's! Overall its given me 10k beautiful miles on top of the 140 it already had. I am a happy saab er !

Here's my issue. The car has a brand new ac compressor, and condenser installed. I have just checked the stepper and re-circ flap motors both I which are functional. The ac system is showing 100+ lbs on the low side port, but I cannot get the damn thing to blow cold!! It gets semi ambient on the drivers side, but not till I've been driving for a while. I can hear the condenser and the compressor is spinning! The fan is blowing fine (except kinda loud) but no cold. This car is the manual ac dash btw.

I'm thinking it may be electrical, because once in a while (only when I have the ac turned on) I get a weird airbag malfunction warning, but normally without the ac switch on I never get that warning!! My sons are coming for the summer an I live in florida so I need to resolve this issue! The biggest components in the ac system are new so I am at a loss why this could be!! No codes whatsoever!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am super glad to be back here and driving my favorite kind of car by far!! Thanks in advance!
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I just had my '06 9-3 SS A/C system checked from top to bottom. I'm experiencing a similar problem, as mine will get cold for roughly 10 minutes and then gradually heat back up. There's no change in airflow at all, just temperature.

The tech that does my A/C work (35+ years doing it) said all of the pressures are good and he suspects the blend door actuator or the temperature sensor that controls it. BUT he doesn't have a Tech II tool to read the system and find out, and there aren't any Saab dealers in my area (of course).

I hope someone can provide some wisdom here!

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Is the radiator fan running? See my experience in the thread below. Basically the electrical part of the A/C system is so interrelated that it is hard to find the start of the ball of string and then unravel it to see where there might be a break....

- Tim
Well it's does run but not when I turn the ac on.... Sometimes it takes ten minutes of the car running to get the radiator fans to switch on! But the coolant system is in great operating order the car runs at perfect temp all the time.

I am so frustrated with this.... Where can I get access to a tech II scanner without having to drop a hundy?? For that I would rather just buy a new relay. Heck the condenser and compressor are brand new!!

Another thing is- what is the proper psi for the low and high side ports in a fully charged system?
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