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Hello dear friends!

I am form Russia St. Petersburg, and I have two best saab in Russia)))

More information here

and here:

Now I Buy new saab its Saab 9-3 coupe aero 2001 year.

I am going to rebuild it in Viggen +

My plan:

- engine 2.3
- front intercooler aluminum (maybe do88, ets or different Can you advise?)
- pipe Abbott racing
- king Cobra Hirsch performance
- Air filter (maybe K&N or different)
- steering wheel Speedparts (new geometry)
- Hirsch performance pedal set
- Rear spoiler Viggen
- Koni sport + Voghland -35
- Steeing rack clamp 900/9-3
- Exhaust 3 (Can you advise?)
- ECU update 280/400nm

Give advice that still possible do useful ... ))))

I am waiting information from your ASAP. ;ol;

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Hello Russia, and welcome to the forum!

I'm the same as you: I have a 9-5 and a 9-3, and I'm currently researching what to do with the 9-3.

Number 1: I would definitely add the steering brace and thicker rear anti-roll bar. And maybe that is all I would do.

Number 2: Is there any reason to change the engine on the Aero? If the engine is okay, I would keep the 2.0T engine and simply MapTun it (B205R?) Stage 1, which gives 250 bhp and 350 NM. You could research this, as maybe you can keep everything stock - intercooler etc. I think the Aero is already a fast car, and this does not make a huge difference.

Number 3: The Aero is a very cool car. Enjoy it for what it is!;ol;

Number 4: Do not add steering wheel, pedals, pipes, suspension etc. It is a waste of money. Keep all that money and instead add it to your 'importing a Viggen' fund for 2016!!

Just my opinion...

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If you're going through with the engine swap I would add limited slip, it will help with traction in the snow and out of turns.

I personally like the 2.0 engine with exhaust and a tune, it feels about right amount of power for the car.

If you can get a viggen spoiler, I would snatch it up, they look really good.
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