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Welcome Sara, you'll love your car.

The manuals do not exist. GM recalled them when the company folded and was in the process of being sold/scrapped.

They were destroyed unfortunately, as they had all the warranty information on them and was a liability at the time for GM.

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and this is my first post so sorry about all the detail and length!

I am a previous owner of two older model Saab 900 S years 90' and 92' and loved them from the moment I drove and owned them. Unfortunately, there were reasons why I had to sell them (one being an ex sugared my gas tank! ;oops: with my first one, and the other being a move from the west to east coast which the poor little 900 just couldn't fit all my belongings in :cry: so I sold her reluctantly).

I always planned on getting another Saab and never really worried or thought much about the bankruptcy of the company. I just recently purchased my dream car which is a 2010 9-3 Aero convertible. She has pretty low miles at 46,000 and is in pretty much in 'cherry' condition as told to me by the mechanic aside from a small dint/paint chip and an oil leak which I have not had evaluated yet.

I did my homework and looked on KBB/Edmunds on pricing and reviews, as well as made sure there are a few capable mechanics in the area who could fix them if needed. I was so happy find and purchase the car until I started hearing from the 'haters'. I was told to "make sure I get the $4000 warranty for when this car breaks", "you know that they don't make Saabs anymore!", "why did you buy this car?", and "you are going to have a hard time getting parts now and especially in five years". So of course my bubble got burst and I started worrying.

First, just curious about how everyone is doing finding parts and if you are having a hard time and what you think the future may hold. I see that there are second hand Saab part dealers all over the internet. I wonder if they will continue to make the most needed/frequently faulty parts or if we will really be up the creek in the future.

Second, My car did not come with an owner's manual and of course the only ones available on PDF online are through 2009...I have downloaded a 2009 version as it seems similar but would like to have the actual year/model if possible. Any one have a copy downloaded or know where to get one?

Third, any chance anyone lives in Florida/North Florida/Jacksonville? and knows of a good mechanic that you trust in taking your Saab to?

Thanks so much, Sara
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