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Let me start by letting everybody know a few things about me and my new (used) Saab

This is my second car ever.

I have learned more in the past week than i have ever known about motorized vehicles.

I bought this car on craiglist a week ago from today, it was the first and only car i looked at.. i loved it right away so, i grabbed it for 2,500.. 160,000 mi.

I found this site immediately and i have to say THANK YOU to all of you here. I have already read through a lot of these threads and have found the answers to some of the problems i've been having

As far as the car goes.. The previous owners did not seem to take very good care of this beautiful automobile but, i plan to. I'm working with about 200 dollars a month, almost no knowledge of cars but, i do have an uncle i plan on spending a lot more time with who does know whats going on under the hood.

So far these are some of the problems i have run into.

The first day i drove the car to work, when i got of and started my 9-5, the engine died 4-5 seconds after, sputtering to a stop. I tried to start it 2 more times with no luck. My uncle came and immediately noticed it was idling at too low of an rpm to keep running.. apparently what he did was adjust the throttle so the engine now idles at about 1000 rpm. He said there may be something having trouble kicking on to keep the engine idling at the proper rpm? idk. After getting the car with an empty tank, i when to the station and filled it with regular. I got home and read in the FAQ that higher the octane the better for this model, i mentioned this and so far one theory is that it had been taking premium before i got it and then me filling it with regular is causing problems.. again idk. it does seem like something is kicking on and off though, sometimes when im in park and not accelerating the rpms will jump from 1200 to almost 2000.. especially when i turn on and off the a/c.

Second Problem: there is a lot of dirt and grime build up on the motor.. also a small oil leak.. it was suggested that i spray off the motor with a strong detergent which would act as a mild de greaser.. i have also been advised that this may be a bad idea and damage some electrical parts in the engine.. my uncle is very oldschool so he may not always have the best advice.

i noticed some thin white smoke today blowing by the passenger side window.. my guess is its oil burning off.. i had been driving for about 2 hours stop and go.

my electrical in the cabin is reallllly wacky.. too many oddities to list. The advice i was given was to go to a junk yard find 99 or 00 and grab a new computer for the dash.. i didn't know there was a central computer system for the dash.

and although im pretty sure its the timing belt.. when i turn sharp to the left, especially pulling out of parking spaces, there is a loud squealing noise occurring on the right side of the motor.


from now on use only high octane gasoline

i bought some z maxx for the fuel system and the oil

i learned how to remove and dismantle the sump to rid probable engine sludge but, feel at this point in the game i may be in over my head with that one.. so my plan now is to find the best oil i can to slowly remove whats most likely built up in there.. i learned something like.. change the oil and filter every 1000mi using a special kind of oil?? idkkkk.

if i can i want to wash the engine..

change the spark plugs also..

So thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. Im looking for advice and support. I will continue to look around the site in search of answers for my current trouble but please, feel free to clue me in.

if you have any tips as to small repairs and tune ups i can probably do myself please please please let me know.. im trying to do everyyy little thing i can to get this car running strong

again, thank you
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