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Hello Boxman. Having the brace hitting your track control arm sounds like it needs sorting-out soon :suprised; The arm moves in-and-out and up-and-down with the wheel and the brace is fixed to the car. Something is going to give sooner or later. Probably when you least want it.

I looked at the MP brace and how high my control arm was (lowered springs) and can also confirm that it don't-fit. Didn't buy it and made a curved arm myself which has clearance.

The Abbott one goes in underneath and doesn't collide.

Got visions of a 3-wheel Saab stuck in the Armco :eek:

Edit: Hello Jabm, open the bonnet (hood?!) and bounce the front of the car, you should see if your brace is hitting your arm. The clearance changes depending on which way your wheels are pointing so try it at full-lock both ways.
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