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Hi All

Love the shape of the cars.
So thought i would get one
100k on clock good condition

Advise please. very put off

Car bought from specialist as the one's i tried on from other garages were tatty.

Bought car, Drove away, filled with fuel, temp gauge stoped working within 3 miles, drove back, lent me a car till they fixed it. damaghed wires

Met half way, swapped cars over, 10 miles away brakes stoped working servo i think as had to jump on them. turned around met up again taken car back

I have done less than 20 mile in total, is this a bad one in all your opinions or normal?

Love the car but i think i may of lost all faith?
dont know if i can say who and reg no of car to see if anyone knows of it.

hope ok to post this here as not really a forum user.

thanks Leon

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Was this from a dealer or a private seller? Dealers are known for selling cars in 'good condition' while actually knowing nothing about how the car runs.

Saabs in general have a few well known issues, which, once resolved, make a very reliable car.

Your case, with the temperature sensor failing and brake booster going out, are just normal wear. I did the brake booster in my Saab recently. They do fail with time, though the seller should have known about the brake booster - it's pretty obvious when they have failed.

Was anything else wrong?

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Dealer Saab specialist

Was told

The brake problem was due to a pipe that runs behind servo/back of engine bay having a split which when engine bay getting hot was opening up leaking?
which has been replaced and heat shield also

They also have sorting out wheel wobble at 60-70mph, which i noticed when picked up when brakes went..
And have advised me they have gone through the car again.

Everything else is fine on the car?

Like you say if its not driven you dont really know.
The reason i got it from them was looked in good conidtion, as alot i have seen have silly bits missing or broken.

The buttons have the normal bits rubbed off, have got a kit from ebay to repair them, but will see what they are like

I am not so much bothered about wear/tear stuff as going from a E55 so the cost will be a least half on every thing. Maybe

I was amazed at the insurance for £242?

I think they are one of the most impressive looking cars around.
And only seen 2 on the road, one in spain other in london


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