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Hi all,

Glad I found this place! I'm currently looking at getting a Viggen - my mom had one (used) for about 8 years, but sadly she sold it when the repairs got too $$ and her leg stopped wanting to clutch (getting old sucks, BTW). I couldn't buy it from her in time, so now I'm looking at getting a replacement.

My other Saab desire is also thanks to my mom, who used to race a Sonnett (I'm not sure which version) in hillclimbs in the 70s. She's even got a few trophies... So I give her full credit for my Saab affliction.

I'm in Baltimore, MD, and have met a few other Saab-fanatics, but I'm always looking to expand my circle of gearhead friends. Thanks to the mods for what looks to be a great source of information!
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