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I need help with the central locking system.
I just bought my 3rd 9-5. This one is a 2007.
The locking system is not working correctly. The previous owner bought a new ignition key and central locking unit after swimming in the ocean with the old key. He paid $1100 and got his homeowner insurance to pay for it - good trick, if you ask me.

Here are the symptoms:
1 The key always starts the car correctly.
2 The key and the driver's door switch can both unlock the trunk correctly.
3 Neither the key nor the rocker switch next to the shifter will lock or unlock the doors, UNLESS I disconnect/reconnect the car battery.
4 After reconnecting the car battery, the key and/or the rocker switch WILL correctly lock and unlock all the doors TWO TIMES, but that's it. Both the key and the rocker switch are 'dead' after two successful lock/unlocks. When I disconnect/reconnect the car battery I get two correct lock/unlocks every time - all four doors.
5 Also, the radio correctly shuts off after I remove the key.
Any ideas would help.
Thanks in advance.
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