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Hey everyone,

Just joined the club, picked up a '95 900 SE turbo, 5-speed, the other day. It's my first Saab, though I've driven several as I have a few friends with the addiction.

My 900 has already had some mods done to it and is at stage 3 (remapped ECU, 3" turbo back exhaust, open air filter, etc.), but I'll save those questions for the right time and section (clipping/limiting at higher RPMs under heavy throttle).

The car has 134K miles on it and runs pretty well, pulls like scalded leopard, and the Viggen clutch has already started to give me a larger left calf.

At any rate, I successfully performed the shifter linkage adjustment today, got 5th back and the key comes out easily once in reverse.

Looking forward to all this forum has to offer and hopefully being able to contribute to the knowledge down the road.


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