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Greetings, everyone! Been lurking around the forum a bit, and I figure it's time I posted up a hello. My name is Nathan, also known as RndmLynx. I recently picked up my first Saab, A 2006 93 Arc 2.0T, with 150k miles. I got the car for a steal, and despite a few pretty big issues, It's in pretty good shape.

It definitely needs a good cleaning, and some TLC.

The first thing I need to take care of is the clutch. It slips pretty badly, especially in 4th and 5th gears. Also a knocking in the front suspension, But I think I have that narrowed down to the sway bar end-links. It's going to stay stock until I can get the issues taken care of, and everything cleaned up a bit. Then maybe exhaust and a slight tune. Anyways, Thank you for having me here, I look forward to helping out and joining in where I can!
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