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Hello All!

Earlier this year (March) I purchased my first Saab, a used 2004 Steel Gray Arc with 30K miles on it. After getting accostumed to the quirky controls and the infamous SID... I fell in love with it! I'll try and post some pictures to this thread tonight :cheesy: .

I tinted the windows and had a neighborhood (Alhambra, CA) Saab certified mechanic install the iPod integration kit. Unfortunately, I still had to go to a dealership to have the AUX port activated... :x what a pain in the neck! The mechanic had a Tech II but it was his first iPod integration kit and had difficulties... he was very helpful though and even refused to let me pay him for the labor he had already done on my car (kit installation)!

A few moments of desperation:

Just recently I have heard hissing/static coming from my speakers when I turn on my iPod... the hissing/static is not there when my iPod is off and I am in AUX... only when my iPod is on and am in between tracks. I did notice that the male end of my Blekin Car adapter ( was disconnecting from the "head" of the USB cable. I think this may be causing the static. Another thing I've noticed since the first day I installed the iPod kit is the whining that seems to be related to the RPMs of the car. I bought the Crutchfield Ground Loop Noise Isolator ( & I'm crossing my fingers that this may solve both issues... If not, I think I'm going to have to kick in another $40 for a replacement Belkin car adapter :(.

A few months after purchasing my car... I got the dreaded "Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction"! I wasn't able to start my car or even turn my key! I called the dealer and they wanted to send a tow truk to pick it up... saying there was nothing I could do. Luckily I was at home and had a bit of time on my hands, I found a temporary solution to this by disconnecting and reconnecting my battery... this seemed to reset the computer and allow me to start my car. It happened 3 times all at random times and under different conditions in the span of about 4 months. When I went to the dealer for my scheduled 45K mile service I mentioned the problem to them. After checking out my car, they said that the steering wheel lock was faulty... the previous owner had also had the part replaced and the replacement part was still under warranty :cheesy:! So, they were going to replace the part for FREE!!! The car was still under warranty as well, so I am sure they would have replaced it regardless of the warranty on the part.

Things To Come & Questions:

Next on my plate is to remove the wood trim and replace it with the metalic trim... I'm looking to do it myself but I'm weary of removing the entire door panel. Is there a less invasive way of removing and installing door trims? I don't want to have to pay the dealership for this, especially since the trim is so rediculously expensive :x. I was able to remove the center piece around the shift knob with some ease but will leave it intact untill I can make the full upgrade. Please Help.

Anyways, I've been lurking around this board for a while and finally decided I'd join in on the fun :cheesy:!
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