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New intake

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So i just got my new JR intake from genuine saab and well... hate being dumb, but how's it go.. actually all i need to know is which side the bracket goes towards, and what it attaches to?. being as i haven't taken the car apart yet (that's fun for tomorrow) i don't know what everything looks like just yet.. just looking for a heads up :D
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si_90002.3t-97 said:
Then go for a drive, careful of sucking in any small children off the pavement though! :cheesy:
:lol::lol::lol: that's great... hey thanks for the tips :) you shall all receive !PICTURES! when it's in :)
well got it in last week.. didn't have the bolt for teh bracket.. oh well <3 zip ties <3
wow.. you were right about the sucking up small children! the bypass and spool are LOUD! now..
i've been having fun going past kids my age walking down the street, letting it spoool, ans PWSH! then watch in the rear view as they walk backwards watching me as drive the next 1/4 mile :D

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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