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New intake

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So i just got my new JR intake from genuine saab and well... hate being dumb, but how's it go.. actually all i need to know is which side the bracket goes towards, and what it attaches to?. being as i haven't taken the car apart yet (that's fun for tomorrow) i don't know what everything looks like just yet.. just looking for a heads up :D
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Hi Tristan,

It's quite an easy job. You need to remove the arch lining on the side of the standard filter. Make sure you take the wheel off to do this ;)

Once you have done this you'll be able to take apart and remove the original filter box (it's massive!) This will leave a open space from the end of the plastic ducting from the turbo hanging loos, you'll also be able to slide the JR's metal adapter pipe through the hole in the arch into the engine bay and attach it to the plastic ducting.

The bracket needs to be on the inside of the arch and have the bolt come through from the top hole, which is left from were you had the original air filter box.

Once tight it'll sit their quite solid and you can add the filter cone to the opposite end (which will now be inside the arch). Then just pop the arch liner back on and you wheel. Then go for a drive, careful of sucking in any small children off the pavement though! :cheesy:
Yes welcome! :cheesy:

It sounds great an has helped with the performance a bit for me. As i added a 3" full system i can make the best of the mod's.

Gives it a nice bark at full steem! :eek:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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