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I have a 9-5 2.0 Vector Sport Auto Sep 2005. In recent weeks the driver side headlamp has been flickering (always lit though), I can see it when in a traffic queue on the car in front. When driving along, it will flash up to full power. It will repeatedly do this and then appears to settle down. Upon switching off the headlights, they will swiftly flash for a brief moment and the SID will flash in unison with the headlights (this happens with the switch in the off position).
Something happened today which tells me it's not the bulb. When I switch on the ignition I get a low hum/drone from behind the dash (do they all do this ?). Today I parked up at Asda and upon switching off the hum/drone occurred. Never happened before. Fortunately I glanced back at the car and saw that the headlights were on ??? Thought I must have caught the switch when getting out, but no, it was in the off position. I started the car and then turned it off and the hum/drone didn't occur again and the headlights were off.
Can anyone throw any light (no pun intended) on this ?
Thanks in anticipation, Steve.

It usually means the bulbs are on their way our when xenon lights are starting to flicker. On my previous 9-5, the light output sometimes went really dim for a few minutes , then started to flicker and came on at full brightness again.

They also flickered a few times when they would turn off with the switch or ignition. You can find out if it is the bulb by switching them from one side to the other.
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