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Hey everyone, so I'm just looking for suggestions on what I should do with my Saab, I have been watching some youtube vids over the years on her, and I love her and over the 3 years I have had this baby I honestly can't count all the comments and questions I get on it, I love it, purchased this baby with 86k miles, 2009 v6 XWD Aero, she is stock, was when I got her, first thing I did was get New Ignition coils, and Spark plugs, within the first month and when I installed them that car drove and acted brand new as if I just pulled it off the lot, I have literally never had a problem, no check engine light nothing, drives like a dream and I take care of it, I tinted the windows, only cosmetic thing I have done to it, I keep up on everything for preventative maintenance and it shows.

What would be one of the first things you would do, I see there are kinda select things I can do with it but I have money saved been wanting to do it, just haven't had the time, and now I do.

Looking into Air Filters, see both keep the box just drop in a K&N and call it a day, or go with CIA

Also, was going to get new tires this year, and was debating on getting some new nice Brakes and Calipers since I was going to do tires just as a why not "want them to look nice through those rims haha. As well as suspension and get it slightly lowered

Heard an Upgraded Intercooler is kinda a must and I believe an Do88 isn't bad with the install for version I have so I have seen

Also thinking exhaust

Coolent Expansion, I feel like it eats it up

looking for suggestions and or what order you would do things just piece this beauty together, last but not least if I was really froggy I would do a slightly bigger turbo

I believe that's it...I might be missing something but im sure to figure that out in the comments, thanks for any and all suggestion guys, also I clip a pick so you can see her this when I just purchased it though so the windows are not tinted in these but she is still just as clean and sharp

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K&N sports filter element for the original box does make your turbo slightly more audible.
Open K&N filter makes it loud :cool:

I tried both, and either way it's a simple and fun thing to try.

I second the do88 intercooler and hoes+pipes.
Aftermarket sports exhaust is also fun, if you like to experiment with sound.
Stage 1 or 2 tune, goes a long way and adds quite a bit horsies for cheap.

I put in slotted EBC brake rotors in mine and Brembo pads, mainly for looks and slightly better braking performance. Does add some noise when braking aggressively though. Not sure if something similar is stock in the V6 Aero already?

If you suffer from interior trim squeek and funny noises, this can be fixed a bit with some "cloth tape" thingy. I took apart the centre console completely in mine and padded the contact points between all the plastic trim with this kind of tape. Helps a lot!

If you like fat steering wheels I can recommend getting a leather/pleather wheel cover - a proper one that you stitch on yourself! You can choose the thread color. I chose red which looks damn nice. I stitched up the gear knob with this as well:


Hirsch pedals and fresh SAAB mats, if you don't have them already.
+Hirsch emblem for the booty :cool:

Comfort light for your feets:


Can be bought as a ready to install kit. I supplemented it with a manual flipswitch just below the stick (the green lamp).

Heads-up display, can be bought from ebay for super cheap. Plugs into the OBDII, the wire can be hidden completely all the way. It's suprisingly nice and usually has a setting for a speed multiplier so it actually shows the right speed. Downside is it requires a transparent sticker thing in the windscreen (looks **** in the picture, disregard that).

EDIT: Almost forgot, red calipers! Haha. Has to be red, otherwise it doesn't add +2HP. Can be done quite well without pulling the brake lines off.


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Do not install any "open air" air filter. They will cause harm.
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