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So I made a post a few weeks back about purchasing a Saab and the clutch blowing to pieces that very day. I forgot my log-in information like a true genius, and have just now been able to participate in these forums again.

Clutch: Installed, entire car put back together, done. Drives down the road like an absolute dream. It was even able to keep up with a thoroughly modified Golf GTI down the highway, and my Saab is still stock. What cars these things are, it's amazing.

Now that the performance of the car is out of the way, and my Saab chauffeurs my rear end all about town quickly and quietly, it's time to get into the luxuries. I have two problems I'd like to fix, and both seem as if every single 900 owner has had them.

1: Radio. The stock radio has the code written on the back in Sharpie. I happily punched it in and enjoyed....the sound of silence. It just went back to "----". So I tried again and again (because the 751st time is the charm) to no avail. To try and go around the problem, I went and yanked the radio from a 95 Saab 900 out of a junkyard. This radio too had the code written on the back. Plugged it in, punched in the corresponding code, and nothing! So, I kind of took a break on that. For now, I'll continue to span the internet to see if there's something I cant do.

2: The top, of course! It doesn't go up or down on it's own. It doesnt complete it's travel all in one go. It doesn't move in spots without assistance. It doesn't latch, either up or down, at all. I tried having two overweight friends sit on it while I pushed the button (gotta love that "BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG" sound to let you know you're doing something you shouldn't be), but to no avail. For now, I'm driving around in this 90 degree Pennsylvania heat with the top up, and the back part of the top (that holds the glass rear window) is sitting a good 2 inches from the big leather hatch that wont close all the way either.

I'm not a slacker, so I'll be reading up on what I can do for these typical problems. However, I'm posting this for both your enjoyment and for any kind citizen who'd like to point me in the right direction a bit faster than I'd find it on my own. Thank you for your time.
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