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I work as a tow truck driver at a wrecking yard here in town. Financial reasons were forced me to get rid of my `98 Volvo V70R. On my travels, I had found a `87 900 S that the owner was sending to the wrecking yard because he didn't want it anymore. I rescued it and have loved it. We had a turbo convertible that was for sale but I didn't want to pay what was being asked for it. Nobody was looking at it, so I was patiently waiting for it to be parted out. When that happened, I could pull its turbo drive train and make the `87 better. The time came and I went and started looking at it. I wanted to make sure that it hadn’t had parts removed while it was sitting. Upon inspection, I realized that it was in complete and excellent shape and couldn’t bring myself to kill it. Went down yesterday, started it up and took a long, good look at it. They had told me that its clutch was bad, but I don’t believe that is its real problem. I am aiming more at a slave cylinder, as it was extremely difficult to have it slide into gear. There is a faint whistle that appears when the RPMs drop down and I was blaming a dying turbo, until I noticed that the sound went away when the clutch was pressed.

Anyway, here is what is going to replace the `87 900 S. They told me that she is a `92, but the keys say `91 and I honestly forgot to look at the sticker on the driver’s wheel well. The top works, but stops before it is completely retracted, I believe the loose rear window is causing problems there. The glass is all fine and all the regulators work. The doors, hood and trunk all open easily and without any bind.


Interior, all five windows have been open forever:


Aesthetically, it just seems to need a good cleaning. The ‘chrome’ strip on the rear bumper cover has come off, but is still there. The rear window needs to be secured to its mount. There is a crack in the left tail lamp and the seal on the distributor is leaking. I’m not very concerned about the missing fog lamp. Both of its plastic headlamps are cloudy. I am not amused about the cuts in the driver’s seat.

Any thoughts? Any other things I should look at?
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