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New Coil Springs for '97 NG900S

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I've already purchased the rest of the suspension overhaul parts for my '97 NG900S, 2.3L. The last thing I'm considering is new front and rear coil springs. The car has about 121K miles and as far as I can tell all the suspension is original. So, it's showing its age in poor handling. When I hit typical bumps in the road, its feels like the springs are sort of shuddering as if they don't have as much resilience as when new. But, the car sits at normal height and stance. Could this just be because of the worn out shocks and struts, or do I also need new springs.

If I should consider new springs, where is a good place to get decent quality at an affordable price? I'm not going for high performance, this car is bone stock. The only "upgrade" I've done is to purchase KYB struts and shocks instead of OEM, but they were actually much less expensive. I wouldn't spend the money for Bilstein for example, this is just a work/commuter car that I take very good care of.
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Hi Demersus,

I apologize for the slow response. I usually get an email anytime someone asks a question and for some reason we didn't. I would expect the shocks and struts to take care of your problem. Springs don't really wear out like a normal part would. If the ride height is correct and they aren't broken or sagging they would be perfectly fine to use again in normal circumstances.
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