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New Car

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Well, since I've decided to take my Saab off the road in August for the school year, I am toying with the idea of making it a project car, nothing too big, just redoing interior and body work and things.

I'm 18 and plan on keeping this car for a while, because it is classic, being a C900S and all.

During the school year and next summer I'm going to be saving my money to get a daily driver and am wondering, what Saab would you suggest I get?

I want to try to get my hands on a Viggen or maybe just an NG900, what do you suggest?
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I would suggest a 1998 900SE Black Coupe. :cheesy:
I plan to keep it a looooong time, as well. It's the last year of the 900! Classic in my mind! :cheesy:


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