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dirtyslaab said:
Hi anyone know were to get one of these for a decent price (under $299)?
My sister just bought the car last month (00 9-3) and they won't cover it under their warranty. Why not ?

Thanks for any help
Miles ?
They is ?
Warranty ?
DIY abilities ?
No warranty with the bluebird(my baby)
So far Ive replaced the two control arms, the battery and the starter, now the alternator is being "lazy"...

Hkayssi is correct, the NSS can be cleaned and re-lubricated - this also applies to other grease packed devices. The grease gets old, cakes, etc. The dealer technicians should know this...
mechanics 101

diagnosis 101
Do we know for certain that the NSS(neutral safety switch) is acting strange...??

economics 202
Its about one hour labor to remove and replace this device and another 0.5 to clean and re-pack and test...
DIY to the rescue

Labor times, in my time, particularly at VW were tighter than they seem to be today..
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